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Carl Shirtzinger

Carl Schirtzinger

Founder and Principal

Carl Schirtzinger is the Principal Owner of Zinger Holdings and has been a principal in the multifamily industry since the mid-1990s. Carl is responsible for leading and integrating Zinger’s diverse business development, asset, property management, and construction divisions.

Since founding the company, Carl has provided the vision and strategic planning that have powered Zinger’s rapid, sustainable growth and commitment to excellence. Leveraging his engineering background as the catalyst, Carl has put in place a professional team that deploys state-of-the-art technology to manage and monitor every aspect of Zinger’s business. He has also worked with industry-leading technology providers to design and pilot new systems and technologies specific to the multifamily industry.

Carl embarked on a career in multifamily real estate in the mid 1990s. He later extended his industry expertise as principal at Hilltop Realty Advisors before founding Zinger Property Group (in 2010), which provides comprehensive property management services for the multifamily industry utilizing real-time accountability systems and proven processes such as its unique occupied renovation strategy. Carl is also Principal co-founder of Rume Holdings, which is focused on owning and operating institutional MF assets.

As Principal and President at Zinger, Carl has been responsible for acquisition and management activities, developing strong private and institutional equity partnerships, and performing significant capital improvement projects to reposition properties for successful transformation. Carl pioneered the Community Occupied Rapid Renovation Process (CORR), renovating up to 4 apartment units per day while the tenant is in place, creating significant efficiencies and de-risking capital projects.

A certified Illinois Managing Real Estate Broker, Carl has also been active in his community’s civic life and development initiatives and serves on the advisory board of a local nonprofit that provides shelter to victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

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